Preliminary Reference Rock Model (PROM) web site

An integrated data source for mapping fluid distribution in the Earth's crust and mantle based on matnetotelluric observation and seismic tomography data.

About PROM

The physical properties of fluid-bearing rocks are strongly affected by the fraction, geometry and connectivity, and chemical composition of the fluids. The results of geophysical observations, especially seismic traveltime tomography and reflection survey, and magnetotelluric imaging, include otherwise-accessible information on these characters of geofluids in the earth's interior.

The PROM (preliminary reference rock model) web site is aimed to present a compilation of related sources, as well as recent achievements by the collaborators of the Geofluid project.

Under the chemically equilibrated hydrostatic condition (i.e., without deviatoric stress), interfacial energy minimization is the primary requirement for the microstructural adjustment of the grain-scale fluid geometry. In the database, dihedral angles between minerals and fluids are thus summarized also.

This project is supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI),
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"Geofluids: Nature and dynamics of fluids in subduction zones"

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